Kobelco Vietnam

     In order to meet the need for Kobelco Air Compressors and to provide the best after sales services in Vietnam market, in December 2010, Kobelco Machinery Asia Pte Ltd. established Kobelco Compressors Viet Nam Co., Ltd., making Kobelco the first air compressor to set up its wholy-owned subsidiary in Vietnam.


     Kobelco Compressors Viet Nam Co., Ltd was granted with the Investment license No.  011043001064 by Hanoi People Committee with the total capital of US$1.3 million and its main business activities comprise of: 


          - Distribution of  Kobelco Air Compressor

          - Supply of Air  Compressors spare part

          - Maintenance service and Air compressor installation consultancy.


During the early years of operation, Kobelco Compressors Viet Nam has achieved its significant milestones


Kobelco Air Compressors has been present in various Industrial Zones as Thang Long I. Thang Long II, Nomura Hai phong, VSIP, Phuc Đien, Tien Sơn, Que Vo ect…


Being one of the top 5 Air Compressors in terms of market share in the north of Vietnam.


He highly-skilled, adequately-trained, experienced technical teams of Kobelco have gained its creditability.  Reported issues were satisfactorily resolved without disruption to customer’s production.